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Everyone: Collection for Sale?

Do you have a significant number of quality irons, trivets and/or other laundry day collectibles that you're considering selling? PITCA holds an annual convention in the Midwest. These conventions are often preceded by an auction, which has produced good results for the collectors. There is also the opportunity to sell your irons during the convention.

If you believe your collection would be of interest to serious collectors, you are invited to Email PITCA. You will need to provide information on the the size and scope of your collection as well as a few group images as examples.

PITCA Members: Potential Chrome Sign On Issue

As of 1/1/17, Google Chrome began marking some pages requiring password access as "Not Secure" in the URL bar, with the following warning: "The site's security certificate is not trusted." This is a potential issue ONLY for those using a Chrome browser, depending on the configuration of their personal computer.

The host of our website, Ning, will eventually be upgrading their platform to HTTPS on all pages, which will resolve the issue. In the meantime, if you use Google Chrome and can't Sign In, the workaround is to switch to a different Internet browser (Firefox, Safari, etc.).