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EstateSales.NET Blog 1/23/18: Collecting Sadirons

Collecting Sadirons

This article discusses collectible irons; PITCA member Jay Raymond is interviewed.

EstateSales.NET Blog 1/19/18: Collecting Trivets

Collecting Trivets

This article discusses collectible trivets; PITCA member Lynn Rosack is interviewed.

NJ Herald 9/06/15: Hobbyists Old Irons

Hobbyists have a thing for old irons

This article discusses the 2015 International Congress in New Jersey. Several PITCA members are interviewed.

Sr. Perspective 6/1/15: Iron Collector Arnie Stein

Enjoy reading this interview with PITCA member Arnie Stein of Morris, MN.

New York Times 5/14/15 Mangle Boards

PITCA member Jay Raymond's long awaited book "Mangle Boards of Northern Europe" was reviewed in the New York Times. 2/15/13 Monopoly "Iron"