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The irons posted on our website represent a portion of the irons we have for sale. There are hundreds more in our Antique shop in Northampton, PA, USA. Let us know about your iron wants and we can send out pictures and prices. Worldwide shipping is available.

Trivets & Treasures

Over the years, as my collections grew I took every opportunity to upgrade to the best available examples. It's been a pleasure to be the temporary "curator" of these collectibles! But with retirement has come the decision to downsize, allowing many of my treasures to make their way into the collections of others.

I'm adding a variety of wonderful trivets, irons, reference books, catalogs and other collectibles weekly. Each is accurately described and photographed so you can purchase in confidence!


Antiques of a Mechanical Nature

Purveyors of & Dealers in Americana & Patented & Mechanical Antiques

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We are concurrently listing on eBay as TheAntiqueMerchant.

ATTENTION: We will be posting the next IRON COLLECTOR LIST on WEDNESDAY April 26, 2017 at approximately 7:00 am (California time).

IRON LIST #35 will include a nice variety of irons hailing from the US and abroad, as well as several attractively discounted irons from previous lists.

At the appointed time, just go to the page on our site titled "Pressing & Sad Iron Listings"

When you order be sure to include the item number in your request. By way of explanation the "Order Now" button brings up a blank email window addressed to us---you have to fill in the item number or description of what you want.