Liquid Fuel


Irons that are heated by natural gas, denatured alcohol, kerosene and gasoline are categorized as liquid fuel irons. The irons that were heated with these fuels could readily be ignited and the heat could be controlled. Since little or no smoke and soot was produced, liquid fuel irons represented a major improvement over charcoal irons. Irons by Irons, p. 108

Fuel irons date from the 1880s. The David Irons series provides a comprehensive catalog of these irons. And be sure to visit the Irons Gallery of Terrance Marsh.

Coleman Gas

Richard Gillis demonstrating a Coleman Iron at the 2009 PITCA Convention in Cleveland, Ohio.


Firing Up a Coleman No.4 Gasoline Iron



At the 2010 PITCA Convention in Evansville, Indiana a presentation on Coleman Gas Irons was given by Larry Kohler, assisted by his son Lee. They brought examples of all the years and variations. Members then had the chance to handle the irons and ask questions, as seen in the short video above. For more on the Coleman Iron, the Terrance Marsh Lantern Gallery features Coleman Iron images and information.


Here's an interesting Coleman Gas Iron advertising Printing Block. The image has been reversed so the wording is legible. Notice the text is in English, French & Spanish. (Click once to enlarge and twice to zoom in.)

And finally, Coleman Company Records are archived at the Wichita State University Libraries.

E. B. Crosby Alcohol Iron

This E. B. Crosby figural Steam Locomotive was presented for auction during our 2009 PITCA Convention and sold for $15,000! The sole removes to expose the burner; note the fill pipe at the front with the engine body serving as the tank. Patented October 23, 1888 and December 17, 1889. Two Worthpoint articles discuss this iron Before the Auction and After.

Another Crosby Iron was offered at the Rago Estates Auction on December 4, 2010: Lot 156 and sold for $6,710. Auction description: Rare 3-piece alcohol fuel iron in cast iron with brass finish, early 20th century. Measurements: 8 3/4" x 8". Marked EB Crosby, Pat. Oct. 23, '88 and Dec. 17, '89.

German Feldmeyer Methylated Spirit (Alcohol) Iron

Model 1903 Brilliant, circa 1890/1900, plus original case and accessories.
The iron and trivet are of nickel-plated cast iron. The contents are in good condition, and the iron appears to be only lightly used, if ever. Dimensions of the outside case size are 10.5" x 7.25" x 3". The leather handle has separated from its attachment on one side and the latch does not close. The case is intact and the inside of the case is lined in green felt. Here is the Brochure that was included with this iron.

Omega Spirit Iron, circa 1910

The Omega Spirit Iron, German, circa 1910