Iron & Trivet Collectors

Australian Iron Club
Supporting collectors, historians and enthusiasts for iron pressing iron in New South Wales and other areas of Australia.

British Iron Collectors Club (BIC)
Meets twice a year in the U.K.; members buy, sell, swap any laundry-related items with an emphasis on pressing irons.

BIC/British Iron Collector
Tina Gilchrist, Chairman
Ken Faulkner, Treasurer an P.M Editor
Brier Patch
Park Hill
Essex IG10 4 ES
United Kingdom

Adresse e-mail :

Amicale Francaise des Collectioneurs d'Objets du Repassage

Club Des Amis Fers Repasser Anciens

Patrimoine Histoire et Etude du Repassage

Nederlandse Kring Van Strijkboutenverzamelaars
The Netherlands Club of Iron Collectors
The Netherlands
Our organization supports collectors, historians and enthusiasts of pressing irons in The Netherlands and surrounding countries.

Swiss Club of Friends of Antique Pressing Irons (CSAFRA)

Club Suisse des Amis des fers à repasser Anciens
Marc Pisler, President
Chemin du Pré d'Orsat 9
CH - 1245 Collonge-Bellerive

Tel : 0041 22 7523421
Adresse e-mail :

Antique Metalware

The aim of the Antique Metalware Society is to increase the knowledge and promote the appreciation of base metal objects of all kinds and historical periods. Society members include leading experts in their fields who have published authoritative books on such topics as bronze cooking pots, rush lights, paktong, firebacks, candlesticks and marks on brassware. Meetings are held twice a year, Spring and Autumn, in England.

Company Specific Collectors

ICCC: The International Coleman Collectors Club. Coleman made a line of gasoline irons which are cataloged on their website.


KOOKS: Kollectors of old Kitchen Stuff, a  collectors club that specialized in all things kitchen from 19th century through the late 20th century.

Sadly, KOOKS disbanded at the end of 2015. The last convention was not well attended and the membership had been dropping. With fewer people actually volunteering to run the group it was decided to dissolve the group as of 12/31/2015.

Many of us are still active on the KOOKS Facebook Page. Join us there and have some fun.


The Ephemera Society of America, a non-profit organization formed in 1980 to cultivate and encourage interest in ephemera and the history identified with it; to further the understanding, appreciation, and enjoyment of ephemera by people of all ages, backgrounds, and levels of interest; to promote the personal and institutional collection, preservation, exhibition, and research of ephemeral materials; to serve as a link among collectors, dealers, institutions, and scholars; and to contribute to the cultural life of those who have an interest in our heritage as a nation or a people, both nationally and internationally.

Antique Washing Machines

The Maytag Collectors Club
Dedicated to the preservation of the Maytag History and restoration of it's products.


ABANA: The Artist-Blacksmith's Association of North America
Local affiliates of Abana have knowledgeable members who can be helpful in differentiating old/antique from new forged/wrought iron.

Cast Iron Cookware

The Wagner & Griswold Society
A community of cast iron and aluminum cookware collectors.

Griswold & Cast Iron Cookware Association
Enthusiastic collectors of cast iron from manufactures including Griswold, Wagner, Piqua, Wapak, John Wright, Sidney Holloware, Lodge and many other Local Area Foundries.