Print Flyers

Please help us reach potential new members! Print "Join Us" Flyers

Each PITCA member is encouraged to print copies of these flyers and share them with acquaintances and around their local community.

Here's a message from PITCA President Jack Horbal:

I would like to suggest that we disseminate the flyer more widely to promote PITCA. Anyone with access to a computer can simply print off as many as they need and just cut them into three.

My suggestion would be to keep a supply on hand in our cars. Whenever we find ourselves where we see irons or trivets for sale, at an antique shop or flea market for example, we could place a flyer under that item. That way the buyer would realize that there is an organization catering to their interests. I would, of course, ask the proprietor for permission.

Today I went into two antique shops in my neighborhood. I introduced myself as Jack, a member of the Pressing Iron and Trivet Collectors of America. I asked if it would be OK if I placed a flyer, showing them the flyer in my hand, under irons that were for sale in their shops to let the buyer know that we exist. I had no problem getting permission.