ABANA: Artist-Blacksmith's Association of North America

A blacksmith artist signs his work with a touchmark. Identifying a touchmark can help in differentiating old from new iron. You can view modern touchmarks here: Anvillefire Touchmark Registry


"Why People Stop Collecting" is an excellent 4 part series by Antiques & Collectibles expert Harry Rinker. It not only discusses the reasons why people might stop collecting; it adresses how to dispose of a collection when other family members are not interested in assuming it.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4


Website of the John Wright Company which is still in business today.

Website of the Wilton Company, now known as Wilton-Armetale.

Fraternal Societies

Richard Hartzog's Historical Americana-World Exonumia
A-L and M-Z listing of Fraternal Societies and their acronyms.

Ironrite Ironers

George R. Edmondson's "Ironrite Mangle Ironer" Page
A great resource for Ironrite Ironer collectors!

History of The Ironrite Ironer Company, Mount Clemens, MI
"The Ironrite business was established in Detroit in 1911 by Herman A. Sperlich and John H. Uhlig as a jobbing machine shop. Manufacture of washing machines began in 1917, and production of Ironrite ironers commenced in 1921, with J.L. Hudson's as Ironrite's first retail dealer. At that time, the company name was the Sperlich and Uhlig Company, but the corporate name was changed to The Ironrite Ironer Company on May 12, 1927."

Journals & Magazines

Iron Talk (published bi-monthly (1996-2002) is a wonderful reference on Antique Irons and on Collecting in general.

Makers Marks & Logos

English Registry (Rd) Marks
Starting in 1842 England registered it's decorative designs for iron, pottery and other materials.
Charts & Diagrams courtesy of Drexel Grapevine Antiques.

The Antique Metalware Society provides the following Link:
Marks of Makers of Copper and Brass Ware

Trademark logos of Manning Bowman, "The Cadillac of Housewares."

Victorian Trade Cards

The Trade Card Place: all about Victorian Trade Cards used to advertise goods & services during the late 1800s.