Upcoming Auctions and Sales

Disclaimer: Information on upcoming auctions and sales is shared based on best available information and has been compiled in good faith, but does not imply endorsement by PITCA.

Charles Green Iron Collection * June 9, 2018

The Charles Green collection of approximately 200 irons will be auctioned  in Vermont, Illinois. These irons will be included in a Real Estate & Personal property Auction.

Images are posted on Pinterest.

  • Saturday, June 9, 2018
  • Auction begins at 9 AM Central Time 
  • 407 W. 7th Street, Vermont, Illinois
  • Auctioneer: Roddis Auction Service

Balestri Iron Collection * July 12, 2018


will be sold at auction

July 12, 2018 

preceding the 2018 PITCA Convention. 

Auctioneer: Hartzell Auction Gallery


The auction will be held at

The Pittsburgh Marriott Hotel North

100 Cranberry Woods Drive

Cranberry Township, PA 16066

Attend in person or bid online!


Here is the AUCTION LISTING on LiveAuctioneers.

Selling the Collection of Mary Balestri. Over 500 wonderful irons in many styles. Including a Rare Gophering "snake" Charcoal Irons, Tailoring, Combination, Fluters, Electric, Box, Detachable Handle, Goffering, Liquid Fuel, Amazok, Swans, Polishing, Sad and many more Irons. Outstanding collection from Ms. Balestri - She kept all of her irons in Excellent Condition.

European Collection For Sale

11/20/16: PITCA has been asked to share the following links to a European collection for sale.



If interested, contact André Ferlay at lespetitsfers@laposte.net