Twenty-four families at Owatonna, Minnesota founded this group in 1984 as the Midwest Sad Iron Collectors Club. Over the years our group has grown in both size and scope.

At the Kansas City Convention in 2008 we voted to update our name to PITCA, reflecting the diversity of our membership. Today we have members from the United States plus Australia, Canada, England, France, Germany, Israel, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Romania, and Switzerland.

All information on our website is shared with the public with the exception of the hidden sub-tabs under Members Only, visible only to dues paying members.

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Featured Image: Inside PITCA members George, Jane & Jessie Kyle's New Zealand “Esk-Ironz” Museum located at 1133 Waipunga Rd, Eskdale, Napier. It is New Zealand's largest collection of laundry Irons and related memorabilia.

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Image:Advertising trade card for Asbestos Sad Irons, circa early 1900.

One benefit of PITCA membership is access to the Pressing News, published quarterly. Each issue contains interesting information not found elsewhere as well as updates on member activities and ads.

Our latest issue, published March 2018, contains the following in-depth articles:

  1. New Zealand's Largest Collection of Laundry Irons!
  2. Linen Presses
  3. Glove Stretchers
  4. Resources For Little Irons And Trivets
  5. Jubilee "Self Heating Gas (Gasoline) Sad Iron"
  6. Rein Self Heating Sadiron

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❝ I was recently on a trip with my son to my native Poland. It was there that I learned that the Polish name for a slug (or ox tongue) iron is z duzsa which translates as an iron with a soul. The implication being that the iron is the body and the slug is the soul that occupies the body, bringing it warmth and life. I think it is a very human way of looking at things and I will now look at slug irons differently.❞ PITCA President Jack Horbal, Glenview, Illinois 

Officers 2017 - 2018

   Jack Horbal ~ President
Jerry Marcus ~ Secretary/Treasurer
  Jackie Lind ~ Librarian
  Jay Raymond ~ Editor, Pressing News
Lynn Rosack ~ Webmaster