How can I view the Members Only section?

The last Tab along the top of our website is "Members Only". Viewing any other information under the Members tab requires being signed in to this website. To request Sign Up you must be a dues paying PITCA member.  

☆ Instructions for dues paying PITCA Members to Sign Up


There are 6 sub-tabs under the Members Only tab: Buy-Sell-Trade, Directory, Forum, Library, Photos and Pressing News. In order to view and post in these categories you need to Sign Up to our website.

PITCA Members will need to Sign Up only once. To do this, click Sign Up in the upper right hand corner of the website page.

When you've answered the questions and submitted your application for membership the Webmaster will receive an email saying "You have a new member to approve on Pressing Iron and Trivet Collectors of America." The Webmaster will check to make sure the person applying is a PITCA member. Please allow 12-24 hours for approval.

Once approved, you'll receive an email notification. You'll also notice your name then appears in the upper right hand corner of the Home Page. You are signed in ... there is no need to Sign Out between visits.

Now, as a registered member of the PITCA website, all Sub-Tabs under Members become visible.

If you're a PITCA Member that needs further assistance in Signing On or Signing In Contact the Webmaster.

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